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How to find a Jungheinrich serial number

Note: This page is for Jungheinrich forklifts only. To find a serial number for a forklift of a different brand, click here for our other guides.

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Finding a Jungheinrich Forklift Serial Number

Easiest Way

The easiest way to find your Jungheinrich forklift’s serial number is to check the forklift’s nameplate (also called a data plate or data tag). This plate contains all sorts of information on your forklift including model, serial number, and battery size.   On a Jungheinrich forklift, the nameplate is often found near the dashboard, like in the image to the left, and looks similar to the image above.

Worn or Missing Nameplate

But what if your forklift’s nameplate has worn down or fallen off? Don’t worry just yet. Usually Jungheinrich serial numbers are stamped somewhere on the chassis.  Jungheinrich serial numbers are all numbers, and 8 digits long.   Here’s an example location on a sit-down Jungheinrich forklift:

You may have to clean off dirt or grease to read the number.  Here’s what it looks like close up on a Jungheinrich forklift:

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