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5 Forklift Hazards Due to Bald Tires

One major part of forklift safety checks is the state of the tires. If you’re working with bald forklift tires on a forklift, there’s a higher chance of hazards in the warehouse, even ones you might not be aware of. But how do you know when it’s time? In some cases, a ring or band will be visible once the tires have been reduced to the point of replacement. Read below to learn the possible hazards that are caused by bald forklift tires:


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  1. Hazard 1: Skidding
    • When a forklift brings in dirt and water into the warehouse, there’s a higher chance of skidding, especially with bald tires
    • Skidding leads to a lack of control over the equipment and can harm someone else on the floor
  2. Hazard 2: Tipping Over
    • Tires that are uneven in height can lead to tip overs, leading to serious injury or death of the driver and others on the floor
    • Replacing multiple tires at once guarantees the same age and height
  3. Hazard 3: Unbalanced Load
    • Due to bald tires or even chunking, the forklift’s ride can become unstable
    • This leads to the load on the forks unbalanced and could lead to injury or property damage
  4. Hazard 4: Blow Outs
    • Balding forklift tires means more instability in carrying loads, which could lead to a tire blow out
    • If carrying a load during a tire blow out, the load stacked on the forklift forks could be dropped and damaged
  5. Hazard 5: Wear-and-Tear
    • Bald tires that create an uneven machine causes the forklift to work even harder
    • This creates further wear-and-tear on the forklift and could lead to even more expensive maintenance than just tires


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