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5 Forklift Seat Belt Tips

Even the most skilled drivers should wear their forklift seat belts as it doesn’t protect against high-speed or head-on collisions, but rather tip overs. Staying inside the cabin of the forklift during a tip over accident is ensured with a tightly fastened forklift seat belt.

Five forklift seat belt safety tips infographic.

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Here are a few forklift seat belt safety tips:

  • Put on the seat belt every time you get in and adjust 
    • There are nearly 100 forklift related deaths each year
    • Forklift accidents account for roughly 35,000 serious injuries per year
      • Most of these could be prevented with the use of a seat belt
  • Retrofit older forklifts with seat belts
    • An employer who has older equipment without seatbelts but doesn’t retrofit them can be written up or fined by OSHA
    • According to OSHA, employers are obligated to require their employees to wear seat belts
      • OSHA mandates installation of seat belts in forklifts built before 1992.
  • Get broken seat belts fixed immediately 
    • OSHA can penalize an employer who does not enforce forklift seat belts
      • OSHA does not have specific rules for seat belts, but they do require employers to create a safe work environment
  • Stay in the forklift during a tip over
    • During a tip over place both of your hands on the steering wheel and lean away from the point of impact
    • Push hard against the steering wheel and brace your feet firmly onto the floorboard
      • Being inside the forklift is the safest place to be during a tip over
  • Proper training saves lives
    • OSHA estimates that 70% of accidents are preventable with proper forklift training
    • 1 in every 10 forklifts will be involved in an accident
      • Forklifts weigh 9,000 lbs and can seriously injure or kill someone


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