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6 Daily Forklift Checks To Ensure Optimal Function

  1. Check Fluid Levels / Leaks
    a. Oil – Dipstick
    b. Hydraulic
    c. Transmission – Dipstick
    d. Radiator coolant
    e. Brake fluid
6 Daily Forklift Checks To Ensure Optimal Function

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  1. Check Tires
    a. Pressure
    b. Cuts or lacerations
    c. Overall Condition (Bald tires increase accident risk)
  2. Check Manuals
    a. Ensure all manuals are present and in the right spots
    i. Operator’s Manual
    ii. Log Book
  3. Safety Equipment
    a.Seat belts are working properly and no tearing
    b. Ensure horn and back-up alarm are functioning
    c. Check Lights
    d. Check fire extinguisher is fully charged and present
  4. Forks
    a. Check the top click retaining pin condition
    b. Hoist, tilt, and lowering control works smoothly
    c. Look for cracks, damage, bending on the forks
  5. Operational Equipment
    a. Check the propane tank for corrosion or damage and levels
    i. Check relief valves and the mounting system
    b. Visually inspect that hoses and chains are fastened
    c. Make sure the wires and cables are not damaged or exposed
    d. Check battery charge
    e. Ensure brakes and steering are operating smoothly


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