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Hyster History: Forklift Models From the 1940s

The forklift industry, like any other, has a rich and extensive history that spans decades of American culture — this includes Hyster history. Recently, we at Intella Parts were lucky enough to get our hands on a book published back in the 1940s about the Hyster Company, detailing its plants, its people, its products, and overall history of the Hyster Company. Below, we have summarized this fascinating–and, at times, quite cheesy–information just for you. Keep reading to check out all the latest forklifts from when “gas” was slang for “cool,” and “geezer” was everyone’s favorite way to insult the elderly.

1940s Plants

PortlandPortland Hyster plant

Located in Oregon, this plant was the home and main operating center of Hyster in the 1940s. In Hyster’s own words, it made its name in “records of productivity” and was strategically placed along the main line of the Union Pacific Railroad. In the 1980s, Hyster packed up and moved its headquarters to Illinois, but Portland still holds a significant place in the history of the company.

1940s Portland Hyster plant
Look how much fun the accounting department is having!
1940s Portland Hyster plant
See any of your grandparents?




The main manufacturing function of the Peoria, IL, plant was to produce winches and cranes for use as tractor equipment. However, Karry Krane and Model 20 Lift Trucks were also manufactured there. The Hyster Peoria plant was crucial in providing postwar jobs to the community in the late 1940s.

Peoria Hyster plant1940s Peoria Hyster plant


1940s forklift models

• Karry Krane: A “mobile, self-powered crane unit,” this machine was designed for use around steamship warehouses and docks. During WWII, England actually purchased many of these cranes for the handling of war supplies in crowded areas. This model in particular was popular both at home and abroad.

features: pneumatic tires, high-speed operation over any type of floor or road, and a 5-ton capacity

• Hyster Towing Winches: Made for all sizes of track-type tractors, these winches came in both single-speed and two-speed versions. They were also reversible.

• Hyster Straddle Truck: This straddle truck was the “world’s finest” that looked great and had an improved streamlined design. It could carry up to 15 tons.

• Yardmaster Straddle Truck: Great for hauling lumber, this truck was easy to handle and boasted economic operation. It was perfect for both yard distribution and city delivery.

features: 6-ton capacity, speedy pick-up, and backward movement that was just as quick as forward

• Hyster 20: This small and compact truck was the first of its kind to be equipped with pneumatic tires, meaning it was easy on the floor and had unparalleled traction and smoothness. It could fit through standard doors and was driven just like a car.

features: pneumatic tires, rounded rear body corners (better for tight turning), counterweight turning with steering wheel, air-cooled gasoline engine; one-ton capacity, 10-foot reach, comfortable seat, and speeds up to 11 mph

• Hyster 75: This truck had a unique three-wheel arrangement and a pointed rear, in addition to a low, close-to-the-ground design for added stability.

features: 42-inch load arms and a 3.75-ton capacity

• Hyster 150 Space Saver: Developed for stacking lumber, this truck was also practical for heavy loads of other materials (especially wartime supplies). It was very efficient and flexible.

features: a 7.5-ton capacity and a 17.5-foot reach

• Hyster-Larison Compensating Axle: This axle improved load-carrying efficiency by equalizing the weight distribution and braking effort on all tires of the truck.

• Hyster 40: This truck featured pneumatic tires and was very versatile, playing a role in many various industries.

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Is Hyster a Good Forklift Brand?

Short answer: yes. Hyster is reliable brand with low cost of ownership, readily available parts from both aftermarket forklift parts suppliers and OEM dealers, extensive product range, innovative technology.

Alligator LR

1. Low Cost of Ownership.

Hyster forklifts are known for their exceptional quality and durability. Hyster forklifts have been tested extensively in the toughest and most rugged environments like lumber mills, auto manufacturing plants, foundries and wet and corrosive food manufacturing plants. Statistically speaking, the cost to maintain a Hyster is right in line with other brands like Toyota forklift or Caterpillar forklift. Hyster forklifts are built with robust materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can handle heavy loads and continuous use. This durability translates into fewer maintenance issues and increased uptime, ultimately saving businesses time and money in the long run.

2. Readily Available Parts.

Hyster forklifts are popular around the world meaning there is a healthy aftermarket supply of Hyster forklift parts. With plenty of competition this means that Hyster forklift parts are priced right, especially compared with other smaller forklift brands. Since there are many Hyster forklifts in use around the world, finding parts isn’t hard. Off brand forklifts (especially Chinese brands) are just not very popular and very few companies stock those types of parts.

3. Extensive Product Range.

Another strength of Hyster Forklift is its extensive product range. The company offers a wide variety of forklift models to suit different applications and industries. In practical terms that means there’s likely a Hyster forklift model that is perfect for your application. Contrast that to other brands of forklifts that will try to use one brand for all different applications. A good example of that would be the electric series of rider forklifts. Not only does Hyster offer cushion electric riders from 3,000 to 12,000 pounds they also offer electric riders with pneumatic tires suitable for outdoor use. Few forklift manufacturers offer as many different model types as Hyster does.

4. Innovative Technology and Features.

Hyster does a good deal of innovation, even though it could be argued forklifts are a mature product (after all, Clark invented the first forklift over 100 years ago). Recent innovations include onboard telematics, unique steer axle designs that reduce parts wear, as well as their own engineering Duramatch forklift transmission which acts like a hydrostatic but is priced like a traditional forklift.

In conclusion, Hyster Forklift has established itself as a strong brand in the forklift industry due to its superior quality, extensive product range, and innovative technology. Choosing a Hyster Forklift means investing in a reliable and durable machine that can handle various tasks and provide a safer working environment. So, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, consider Hyster Forklift as your go-to brand for all your material handling needs.

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What Brand of Forklift Does Amazon Use?


In the vast world of e-commerce, Amazon stands as a colossus, with an intricate web of warehouses and fulfillment centers spread across the globe. Behind the scenes of this logistical marvel are various tools and technologies that keep the operation running smoothly. Forklifts, indispensable machines for handling and moving goods, play a crucial role within Amazon’s vast infrastructure. In this article, we’ll explore the forklift brands commonly utilized by Amazon, focusing primarily on North America.

Vendor Selection

When it comes to forklift vendors, Amazon primarily relies on two main brands within its North American operations: Raymond and Crown. These trusted manufacturers provide a wide range of forklift models tailored to Amazon’s needs. Additionally, in some specific buildings, Amazon uses Hyster forklifts, albeit in a more limited capacity. It’s worth noting that the choice of vendor doesn’t follow a discernible pattern or reasoning but appears to be somewhat random. It’s most likely price related, whoever offers the lowest price at that point in time.

Electric Crown Forklift

Forklift Types by Facility

The types of Powered Industrial Trucks (PIT) employed in Amazon’s facilities vary depending on the type of fulfillment center. One common classification is between sort and nonsort facilities. In this article, we’ll focus on nonsort facilities, where larger items are handled, although not on the scale of the AMXL (Amazon Extra Large) category.

In nonsort facilities, a diverse range of forklifts can be found to handle different tasks efficiently. The order pickers, responsible for selecting items for customer orders, rely on a variety of forklifts. Stowers, pickers, and counters primarily utilize order pickers for their daily operations.

For handling pallets, pallet stowers, and HOV (High-Occupancy Vehicle) pickers, reach trucks are employed due to their reach and stacking capabilities. These machines are ideal for efficiently storing palletized goods within the facility’s racks.

Counterbalance stand-up and clamp trucks are the preferred choice for those working on the inbound (IB) dock. These trucks offer stability and versatility, enabling efficient loading and unloading operations.

Transporting pallets from the dock to the racks for storage necessitates the use of center rider pallet jacks. These electric-powered jacks provide a convenient and reliable means of moving pallets within the facility.

When it comes to moving cages between various areas, such as from the receive to the stow buffer or from pick drop zones to the pack buffer, Amazon relies on tuggers. Essentially center riders without the pallet jack attachment, tuggers efficiently transport cages, optimizing the workflow within the facility.

Environmentally Friendly Approach

In line with Amazon’s commitment to sustainability, all the forklifts employed within their facilities are electric. This eco-friendly approach helps reduce emissions and contributes to the company’s overall efforts to minimize its environmental footprint.

Forklift Parts and Maintenance

Forklifts are complex machines that require regular maintenance and occasional replacement of parts to ensure optimal performance and safety. Amazon places great emphasis on forklift maintenance to prevent breakdowns and minimize disruptions in its operations. Forklift parts such as tires, safety, LPG, and filters are regularly inspected and replaced as needed to keep the forklifts operating smoothly.


The smooth functioning of Amazon’s immense warehousing and fulfillment network heavily relies on the efficient operation of forklifts. While Raymond and Crown serve as the primary forklift vendors for Amazon in North America, Hyster is utilized in select buildings. The diversity of forklift types employed within nonsort facilities ensures that each task is handled with precision and efficiency. Moreover, Amazon’s commitment to sustainability is evident through its use of electric forklifts, aligning with the company’s broader environmental objectives.

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JLG Specifications and Prices 2023

The JLG Sales Manual 2023 is an essential resource for businesses looking to purchase JLG equipment. This comprehensive guide provides details on the range of products and services available, as well as helpful tips for making the most of your purchase. Whether you’re in the market for a crane, boom lift, or forklift, the JLG Sales Manual 2023 will help you make an informed decision. Click the PDF logo below to find out more about what you need to know about this important sales manual.

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Forklift Hydraulic Pump Failure

forklift hydraulic pump failure

System contamination is a leading cause of forklift hydraulic pump failure. Hydraulic repair is an important process to do to improve your equipment’s longevity. There are multiple causes for system contamination including:

  • Improper fluid flushing after repair
  • A non-thorough cleaning job is performed
  • Technician does not remove contaminants from hydraulic system
  • Technician cannot see the oil cleanliness level before or after repairs

Phases of Wear

Wear on a lift truck begins as soon as it is put into use. Some wear can be identified through regular maintenance checks, while other wear may not be noticeable until later. As a lift truck gets older, it may show signs of wear during routine maintenance. Oil analysis can help identify potential issues. At this stage, it may be possible to keep the lift truck operating normally by addressing the wear. However, if too much wear has occurred, it may be necessary to replace components or perform an overhaul. The task of a service technician is to monitor the lift truck and make any necessary changes when wear or contamination is detected, using regular maintenance practices and tools like filter caddies. An effective oil analysis program should allow for early detection of issues that may require a flush, allowing for a simple oil change rather than a more extensive procedure. The success of this detection depends on taking oil samples at the right intervals and using appropriate laboratory tests.

Phases of Wear Table

As Time Progresses
Operating NormalOperating NormalSome Symptoms AppearPerformance IssuesFailure
Non Detectable WearSome wear detectable through fluid analysisPoint of no return
Visible wear, changes in behaviorVery visible symptoms and wearForensics
Objective is to increase the operating time with non detectable wear through standard maintenance practices, including conditioning units (filter caddy) and an oil analysis program.
forklift hydraulic pump failure

Causes of Hydraulic System Failure

According to industry data, a forklift hydraulic pump failure, which occur at a rate of 70-80%, is likely not due to design issues, but rather to contaminants such as water or lubricant degradation. These contaminants can be introduced through various means, including improper maintenance and service procedures, the addition of fluids, the replacement of failed components, and dirty equipment or parts storage. Contamination can also occur due to ingression, such as through leaky cylinder seals or poorly maintained reservoir vents, as well as due to internal wear and part failure. Additionally, chemical reactions between lubricant additives, water, air, heat, and metallic particles can also contribute to contamination.

Contaminant Caused Hydraulic System Failure

When there are high levels of contaminants in a hydraulic system, it can lead to wear on all moving parts and erosion of soft metals. Chemical reactions between additives and water or incompatible oils can also cause etching, which reduces pump efficiency and increases the likelihood of internal leaks and high temperatures. High temperatures can reduce the life of oil additives and impair the lubricant’s ability to separate moving parts, and metallic particles can contribute to the rapid oxidation of the lubricant. This destructive process can result in the failure of major components, such as pumps or cylinders, and when a failure does occur, it can release millions of metallic particles, fibers, and contaminated oil throughout the system. Simply replacing the oil in the reservoir is not enough to fully restore the system.

Double Oil and Filter Change

This process is intended for lightly contaminated systems or those with degraded fluid, and should not be used for systems that have experienced major component failures. It is worth noting that replacing a large volume of oil and disposing of contaminated oil can be costly, and if the oil is not degraded, this would be a waste since it is only contaminated and not degraded. To “condition the fluid” by removing particles and water, a filter caddy can be used.

This process involves an initial oil drain and filter change to remove a significant portion of contaminants and degraded fluid. The system is then filled with pre-filtered oil and the fluid is circulated at low pressure until it reaches operating temperature, each hydraulic function has been operated three full cycles, and the fluid has been turned over at least five times. The oil is drained again, the system is refilled with filtered oil, and the filters are changed a second time. After the fluid has been circulated, each circuit has been operated three full cycles, and the system has warmed up to operating temperature, an appropriate oil sample should be taken to evaluate the success of the flush.

forklift hydraulic pump failure

Mechanical Cleaning

When a forklift hydraulic pump failure or cylinder failure has occurred, it is necessary to include mechanical cleaning as part of the flushing strategy. This involves using a pneumatic projectile gun and sponge projectiles to clean tubes and hoses, as well as disassembling other components for cleaning using brushes and clean solvents. It is important to also mechanically clean the reservoir to remove any residual contamination particles. While mechanical cleaning can be labor-intensive, it is the most effective way to restore the system to reliable operation after major mechanical failure.

Component Cleaning Process

Reservoir Cleaning Process

  1. Ensure absolute cleanliness in all of the following procedures.
  2. Clean the top of the filter housing, cap, and surrounding surface to avoid adding extra contaminant.
  3. Remove the filter housing cap, filter element, and element bowl to allow access to the interior.
  4. Use a filter caddy to pump the fluid from the reservoir to a storage container to dispose of.
  5. Remove all remaining oil from reservoir.
  6. Remove and get rid of the suction strainer.
  7. Remove and get rid of the reservoir breather.
  8. Clean the reservoir to remove all contaminants.
  9. Clean all accumulated metallic particles from the magnetic plug and reinstall.
  10. Install new reservoir breather.
  11. Install new suction strainer.
  12. Cover the reservoir openings until ready to perform flushing operation.

Cylinder Cleaning Procedure

  1. Ensure absolute cleanliness in all of the following procedures.
  2. Clean the external surfaces using industrial, residue free wipes prior to loosening fittings and components.
  3. Cover all connecting hose and cylinder openings immediately with caps to prevent dirt and debris from penetrating the system.
  4. Disassemble the cylinder and clean all parts with filtered petroleum based solvent to remove all contamination particles. Ensure that you clean the seal grooves, gland nut, and port threads.
  5. Install new seal kits.
  6. Fill the cylinder with filtered hydraulic fluid. This will displace the air and reduce the risk of air compression in the cylinder that can cause dieseling during initial pressurization at start up. Dieseling will result in damage to the cylinder and seals.
  7. Plug all ports and reinstall into the equipment.

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Universal Waterproof Forklift Seat Cover

Intella Parts is proud to announce a brand new universal waterproof forklift seat cover.

One of the largest sources of forklift seat depreciation is rain / snow. With this product, your seat will be covered at all times.

This seat cover is universal and can fit all forklift models and brands as well as all seats.

Order Now!

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Intella Offers Moffett Parts

Moffett is an Irish truck mounted forklift brand. Moffett equipment are used for their agility and ability to be used in many different settings. Intella offers a wide variety of Moffett parts.

Product CodeProduct Name
MOF-0769990041Moffett 076.999.0041 Filter – Oil
MOF-0769990069Moffett 076.999.0069 Filter – Fuel
MOF-5299990006Moffett 529.999.0006 Bearing – Bolt In
MOF-5030550345Moffett 503.055.0345 Wheel Nut M14-1.50
MOF-0761000637Moffett 076.100.0637 Set Of Filters
MOF-0580590003Moffett 058.059.0003 Pad – Wear
MOF-550469Moffett 550469 Pad – Wear
MOF-5030550344Moffett 503.055.0344 Stud – Wheel
MOF-0769990028Moffett 076.999.0028 Filter – Fuel
MOF-5190560002Moffett 519.056.0002 Seal Kit – Carriage Cylinder
MOF-5001000683Moffett 500.100.0683 Filter – Hydraulic
MOF-201855Moffett 201855 Seal – Oil
MOF-210433-1Moffett 210433-1 Bearing – Mast Roller
MOF-0071000051Moffett 007.100.0051 M25 X 60 Pin
MOF-301623Moffett 301623 Ring – Lock
MOF-RD401-42270Moffett RD401-42270 Filter – Air
MOF-210486-1Moffett 210486-1 Pin – Mast Chain
MOF-210432Moffett 210432 Roller Mast
MOF-757-22230Moffett 757-22230 Key – Ignition (Pair)
MOF-M70000-43081Moffett M70000-43081 Filter – Fuel
MOF-260100Moffett 260100 Gauge – Oil Level
MOF-0761000058Moffett 076.100.0058 Filter – Air
MOF-5360550004Moffett 536.055.0004 Knob – Steering Hand Wheel
MOF-301624Moffett 301624 Nut
MOF-260441Moffett 260441 Cable – Suzie
MOF-5299990006Moffett 5299990006 Bearing – Bolt In
MOF-0381000023Moffett 038.100.0023 Belt – Seat Retractable
MOF-5290550008Moffett 529.055.0008 Bushing
MOF-0021000003Moffett 002.100.0003 Cap – Fuel
MOF-210472-1Moffett 210472-1 Pin – Chain Anchor
MOF-0761000114Moffett 076.100.0114 Filter – Air
MOF-5000551660Moffett 500.055.1660 Linkage Assembly For Hds15 Valve
MOF-0760590347Moffett 076.059.0347 Filter – Air
MOF-270021Moffett 270021 Seal Kit –  Tilt Cylinder
MOF-5370550035Moffett 537.055.0035 Pin
MOF-301643Moffett 301.643 Inner Race
MOF-M21513TMoffett M21513T Filter Kit – V2003 Turbo
MOF-5090550010Moffett 509.055.0010 Key – Bonnet Lock
MOF-260170Moffett 260170 Fitting – Grease

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Intella Sells Nilfisk Advance and Power Boss Sweeper Scrubber Parts

Sweeper Scrubber Parts
Nilfisk is a global manufacturer of cleaning equipment.  In the United States, Nilfisk acquired “Advance” equipment in 1994.  At first the Advance name continued to be marketed but today most machines are marketed as Nilfisk.  Nilfisk also purchased American Lincoln and Alto brands in the 1990s.

Intella stocks Nilfisk Advance and Power Boss Sweeper Scrubber Parts. Here are some popular parts that we sell:

Product CodeProduct Name
ADV-56116500Nilfisk-Advance 56116500 Drain Hose Assembly
POW-730788Power Boss 730788 Squeegee – Rear, Linatex Red
ADV-56414164Nilfisk-Advance 56414164 Broom Idler Assembly
POW-731588Power Boss 731588 Ph Brush 45 In 24 Sr .035/180 Gr
POW-3305662Power Boss 3305662 Broom – 42 In 8 D.R. Proex/Wire
POW-99789000Power Boss 99789000 Brush-Heavy (Sp) Cylindrical
POW-730644Power Boss 730644 Side Squeegee-Linaed-Red
POW-3305665Power Boss 3305665 Broom – 48 In 24 S.R. Nylon
POW-3305663PHPower Boss 3305663Ph Ph Brush 48″ 8 Dr Proex/Wire
POW-731296Power Boss 731296 Broom – 45 In 24Sr .050/80 Gt
ADV-56314313Nilfisk-Advance 56314313 Headlight Kit
POW-3305818Power Boss 3305818 Broom – 48 In 24 S.R Union/Wire
POW-3305812Power Boss 3305812 Broom – 48 In 8 D.R. Nylon
POW-3300308Power Boss 3300308 Broom – 13 In 3 Sr Nylon(Side)
POW-3305663Power Boss 3305663 Broom – 48 In 8 D.R. Proex/Wire
POW-3334070Power Boss 3334070 Filter – Panel
POW-3315315Power Boss 3315315 Broom – 48 In 8 Dr Stiff Nylon
POW-3300306Power Boss 3300306 Brush – 13 In 3S.R Poly(Side)
POW-3332544Power Boss 3332544 Brush – 14 In .035/180 Grit
POW-731093Power Boss 731093 Cylindrical Brush
POW-730787Power Boss 730787 Inner Rear, Linated Red
POW-3305645Power Boss 3305645 Filter – Panel
ADV-56505784Nilfisk-Advance 56505784 Brush 15 Inch
POW-600152Power Boss 600152 Filter – Panel
POW-3313125Power Boss 3313125 Brush – 14 In .050/80 Grit
POW-3332545Power Boss 3332545 Brush – 16″
POW-00911380Power Boss 00911380 Turbine
POW-600900Power Boss 600900 Broom – 26 Inch 3 S.R Poly
POW-731090Power Boss 731090 Brush- 45 In- Nylon

Looking for parts? Give us a call at (616) 796-6638 or shoot us an inquiry.

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Intella Stocks Bromma Parts

bromma parts

Intella now stocks Bromma parts!

Bromma is a leader in the design, manufacture and sale of spreaders around the world. In the United States, a very common Bromma model is the STS45.

Spreaders can be very expensive to maintain. In fact, flippers on spreaders are typically the most expensive item to maintain.

If you are looking for a long term solution to reduce flipper damage, explore FlexiFlipper!

Check out some of the products that we stock!

Bromma Part No.Product Name
1012189Bromma 1012189 Attachment
700871Bromma 700871 Auxiliary Block
43654Bromma 43654 Blockading Piece
56825Bromma 56825 Hydraulic Hose With Fitting
1017442Bromma 1017442 Cable Connector
1700599Bromma 1700599 Canopen I/O Module
79661Bromma 79661 Directional Control Valve
1123117Bromma 1123117 Electrical Motor
24486Bromma 24486 Hydraulic Motor T131
48702Bromma 48702 Ir-Sensor
1701085Bromma 1701085 Led & Lamps With Color Codes | Green LED
1701086Bromma 1701086 Led & Lamps With Color Codes | Red LED
1701087Bromma 1701087 Led & Lamps With Color Codes | Blue LED
1701089Bromma 1701089 Led & Lamps With Color Codes | Transparent LED
1703274Bromma 1703274 Power Supply

Need Bromma Parts?

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