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You can’t spell reliable without Renold ANSI Roller Chain

Take your operations further with the Renold ANSI Roller Chain.

Domestic, agricultural and industrial machinery commonly use an roller chainANSI roller chain for transmission of mechanical power. One of the most noteworthy applications that people recognize is the chain on a bicycle. Roller chains are also used on conveyors, cars, motorcycles, printing presses and much other machinery. Renold has been manufacturing quality components that exceed ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards for over 100 years now. Ever since their first chain in 1878, Renold has been advancing chain technology. Renold offers top grade factory lubrication, accurate press fits, and super-straight bushings. As a result, the time needed to break in a new chain is greatly reduced.

For those who are looking for a hardworking chain, Intella now offers a select few of these Renolds chains online. All chains come 10 feet in length and there are various dimensions to choose from. We offer a Chinese manufactured roller chain for an economic option. Also offered is a German manufactured roller chain for top of the line quality and reliability.

Renold SingleIntella offers ANSI Roller Chains of a few different dimensions

Different parts of a roller chain pictured here:

A)   Pitch
B)   Inside Width Min
C)   Roller Diameter Max
D)   Plate Height Max
E)   Inner Plate Thick Max
F)   Outer Plate Thick Max
G)   Pin Diameter Max
H)   Pin Length Max
J)   Connector Link Extra Max

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Post by Intella Parts Company, LLC