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Forklift Paint Archives

Forklift Paint by the Gallon in All the Colors You Need – Intella Parts Company, LLC

Need help on how to paint a forklift properly? Click here!

Paints and Forklift Brands

Have a forklift that needs a little bigger paint job but aren’t sure what color to order? No problem. Intella Parts has you covered. Check out the images below for some of the most popular brands and colors of forklift paint by the gallon.

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Toyota has the largest forklift plant in the world. That means there are an awful lot of Toyota forklifts in warehouses and on docks around the world. And forklifts take a beating – we all know this. Let Intella Parts help you find the right paint for your Toyota forklift today. We have color swatches as well as part numbers and years where needed so you can make sure your Toyota orange is the right one.

Links to paint (left to right): SY82455GAL, SY59377GAL, SY59376PRO, SY59379GAL


We all know Hyster uses that bright red on their forks and yellow truck bases. Make sure you have the right shade of yellow on your truck. Hyster has THREE yellow paints currently on the warehouse floor.

Links to paint (top to bottom): SY23285GAL, SY23275GAL, SY24221


Blues and yellows are the colors of most Komatsu forklift trucks. We offer the old  and the new colors and have them ready to ship to you today.Links to paint (top to bottom): SY59346GAL, SY59348GAL, SY59345GAL


Yale forklifts use a variety of yellow and parchment colored paints. They all have different names so they’re easier to distinguish than some other brands.


Links to paint (top to bottom): SY23431GAL, SY28501GAL, SY71113GAL, sy59340gal


The Clark Equipment Company is ultimately responsible for the forklift truck that we know today. Their green and yellow forklifts were the staple of US lift trucks during WWII – and have been keeping us going strong ever sense.

Links to paint (left to right): SY41027CLA-1802517-GALSY41036


It is  little tricky to figure out the correct color of forklift paint for your Crown forklift. They like to use the same hues and not necessarily change them by date. We offer the full line up of all Crown’s beige and gray forklift paint.

Links to paint (left to right): SY43308GALSY43309GALSY59338GALSY59337GAL


Need help choosing a paint for another forklift? What about a Taylor Forklift or another brand? Contact us at (616) 796-6638 or email us at [email protected] to find what you need.

Post by Intella Parts Company, LLC