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How old is my Taylor Dunn?

So how old is my Taylor Dunn vehicle?

Taylor Dunn shipped off their first commercial vehicle back in 1949. Being that they have been in business for 67 or so years, they have released a variety of different models and vehicle types. To make your life easier and to solve the mystery of when your vehicle was made, we have provided a chart that displays vehicle history by serial number starting with 1965.  The chart shows all the serial numbers created for each year. For example, in 1994 the first serial number is 107340 and the last serial number is 112189. If your vehicle has a serial number either matching those numbers or is in between those numbers, it’s a 1994 model. That chart is available here:  TD Vehicle History by Serial Number


Popular replacement parts for Taylor Dunn vehicles:

The parts listed below are all best sellers for Taylor Dunn vehicles. Click on the product name to learn more about the selected part. Going from left to right: Solenoid,  Non-Asbestos Brake Pads,  Ball Bearing,  Sliding J Hook Bar,  10A Circuit Breaker,  Hex Bolt.

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