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History of the Wheel Intella Parts Company, LLC

History of the world

Imagine a world without wheels.

We would have to find an alternative way to drive our vehicles around, our steering “wheels” would likely be steering “squares,” and we wouldn’t even be able to fly to our destinations in the same way anymore. After all, airplanes have to taxi into position before taking off. The wheel is considered to be one of the oldest and most important inventions in the world.

The origins of the wheel can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia in the 5th millennium BC where it was first used as a potter’s wheel. Evidence of the wheel can also be found in ancient China and ancient India. Even the western hemisphere created wheel-like toys for their children back in 1500 BC.

  • A Salute To The Wheel – Always cited as the hallmark of man’s innovation, here is the real story behind the wheel – from its origins to its reinvention.
  • History: Invention of the Wheel – Wheels are the most ancient discovery for humankind. The wheels on a kid’s car, the different sizes and shapes that we can see around us are always a matter of joy for many.
  • The Revolutionary Invention Of The Wheel – Take a look around, and you will see wheels everywhere, be it as tyres, or in everyday machinery.
  • History Of The Wheel – Researchers agreed that 3500 BC is the year when the wheel was invented, which is more of a ballpark than an exact year.
  • History Of Wheels And Its Role In Human Evolution – The wheel allows us to perform so many tasks effortlessly, without which life would have been a laboured and complicated affair.

From ancient times to modern times the wheel has changed the way we do everything. From transportation such as bikes, trains, and automobiles, to how we work such as dollies, pushcarts and pallet jacks we have significantly improved our quality of life throughout the ages.


Long ago, carts were often named after the animal that pulled them (i.e., horse carts, ox carts, and even dog carts). Carts have a variety of uses, but they have always had one primary role — transporting items from one place to another. The invention of the cart would be useless without the advent of the wheel.
In the modern world, cart wheels have the ability to maneuver in 360 degrees making it much easier to transport hard to move materials. However, ancient carts did not have wheels that turned 360 degrees which made navigating them more difficult. Regardless, thanks to the wheel carts have greatly improved the lives of humankind over the centuries.

Transportation (Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles)

During ancient times we were limited to horses and wagons when traveling by land. Now we can travel along highways at speeds that exceed 100 MPH in our cars, trucks and motorcycles. The invention of the wheel has dramatically increased our ability to travel back and forth to our destinations.

During ancient times wheels were made of stone and wood. In modern society car wheels are composed of a metal wheel and a rubber tire, allowing us to travel quickly and with great maneuverability. Never before has man been able to travel as quickly as we do in modern times and it’s all thanks to the wheel.

How the wheel affects society

The wheel has somehow found its way into nearly every facet of our society thus improving processes and making our lives easier overall. For example, we have enhanced production facilities by introducing rollers onto assembly lines. Steering wheels allow us to navigate and maneuver our vehicles easily. Hair rollers are used for specific hairstyles.

Wheels have even transformed hospitals due to wheelchairs, hydraulic stretchers, and a variety of carts used to transport medicine and tools. The wheel has completely changed every industry on the planet in one capacity or another.

  • History Of Transport And Travel – From the beginning of human history people have dragged any load too heavy to be carried.
  • The 50 Greatest Breakthroughs Since the Wheel – The exercise of asking, comparing, and choosing helped us understand more about what these historical figures had done and about the areas in which American society had proved most and least open to the changes wrought by talented, determined men and women.
  • Transportation Revolution – It took weeks and sometimes months just to send a letter or pass information.
  • Evolution Of The Wheel – The realisation was made that some heavy objects could be transported if a round object such as a fallen tree was placed underneath and the heavy object rolled over it.
  • The History of Transportation – Whether on land or at sea, humans early on successfully sought to go forth more efficiently by taking advantage of transport systems mother nature already had in place.


Long gone are the days where we were forced to plow fields through manual power. Nowadays we can use heavy duty machinery such as tractors to simplify our farming needs. Tractor wheels are often massive and have special grooves that allow them to navigate rough outdoor terrains.

When it comes to industrial work, forklifts have proven to be indispensable. Forklifts have greatly improved our ability to transport bulky goods in warehouses, dockyards, and lumber yards. Forklift wheels vary depending on the environment, but each wheel type is designed to allow the forklift to operate at peak capacity.
Our modern day machinery wouldn’t be the same without heavy duty wheels to allow them to transport materials in various work environments. You can even think of pallet jack wheels and dolly wheels which allow an individual to transport heavy machinery back and forth by themselves. Simply put, wheels make us more productive.

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  • Forklifts and Cranes Have Power to Make or Take Livelihoods – Many industrial truck and crane incidents don’t involve fatalities and therefore don’t involve OSHA because they go unreported.
  • Tractors – If you’ve ever been stuck behind one in slow-moving traffic, you probably think a tractor is a nuisance—but that’s hardly a definition! The word “tractor” is related to words like “traction” and “tractive,” from the Latin word “tractus” meaning drawing (pulling): a tractor is essentially a machine designed to pull things along, usually very slowly and surely.
  • How the Tractor Changed Farming in America – How much thought have you given to the great American tractor? If you have food on your table, you have the tractor to thank for it.
  • History of the Forklift – The first contribution towards scientific materials handling equipment (over a hundred years ago) appears to have been the two-wheel hand truck, which is useful as ever on many types of jobs.


As you can see, the world has been completely transformed by the invention of the wheel. Every aspect of our lives involves a wheel of some kind which is why many people consider the wheel to be the most important invention mankind has ever seen. From forklifts and forklift wheels to the rollers on a production line the wheel will forever be used as a way to improve our lives and continue pushing us forward.

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