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Forklift Battery Charger | How to Select the Right Battery Charger

1. Determine battery size

a. Look at data tag of battery Many times proper information including amp hour, output, etc will be listed. If you have a clean data tag, you’re nearly done! In below example, you learn it’s a 24v battery with 510 amp hour capacity.

Determine Battery Size

b. No data tag? Look at intercell connector near the positive terminal.

Look at Intercell

Count the cells—there are 12 of them. 12 x 2 = 24 volt battery

Look at Intercell Stamp

The intercell connector will be stamped with battery size. In above example, it’s stamped with E085-13. After counting the cells (there are 12), we know this battery size is 12-85-13

2. Size will look something like this:

Intercell Stamp Detail

3. Determine amp hour of battery & voltage

a. Take last number (example above = 13)
b. Formula
i. Subtract 1 from last number (Example 13-1= 12)
ii. Divide by 2 (Example: 12 ÷ 2 = 6)
iii. Multiply by middle number (Example: 6 x 85 = 510)
iv. This is the AMP HOUR rating of the battery (Example = 510 AH)
c. Voltage = number of cells X 2 (example = 18 x 2 = 36v battery)

4. Determine input phase (single/three phase)

5. Take AMP HOUR ÷ 7 = (510 ÷ 7 = 81).

Recommend 80 amp charger. Or round up to 100. Should go much farther than 20 amps over (AH ÷ 7 ) formula. Note the charts on charging time.

6. Pick a charger from appropriate table


Series 3NAS-T Advanced

Interesting Reading:

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