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Free Forklift Simulator Apps | Free Forklift Simulation Games

There are simulation games for all types of activities such as flying, boating, fishing, and even driving a forklift. Most of the forklift games available in the Android marketplace are strategy and puzzle apps, and in many of them you need to think like you would if you were driving a forklift. Forklift simulation games allow you to take over the steering wheels and try to manipulate objects around you. They can provide hours of fun for both children and adults.

Compiled list with some of the best forklift simulator games for Android.

Extreme Forklifting 2

by Devm Games SE

This is one of the best forklift games out there for Android. Extreme Forklifting 2 allows you to customize your warehouse worker along with your forklift. The goal of the game is to pick up pallets and drop them off at designated areas. You climb the ranks when you have successfully delivered the pallets.

Forklift Madness 3D Simulator

by VascoGames

This forklift game, developed by Vasco Games is a fun and intuitive game that has 20 levels of challenging forklift driving madness. To play you must pick up boxes and then move them around to find the right drop off zones. The game has awesome, realistic 3D graphics with real forklift parking scenarios. It also has smooth, simple controls providing realistic gameplay.

3D Forklift Parking Simulator

by Zojira Studio Games

In 3D Forklift Parking Simulator, you need to transport crates and place them on drop off zones, then you must find the parking zone for your forklift. The game offers multiple camera views, steering options, and has 10 challenging levels to complete. What’s best about the game is all forklifts come unlocked!

Grand Forklift Simulator

by Pulsar Gamesoft

This forklift sim is another fun game with a realistic feel of what it looks like when driving a forklift. The game has a big environment that lets you pick up cargo to move to other zones. There are different types of forklifts in the game and different types of loads you can carry. With realistic physics this game can suck up some time.

Extreme Forklift Driving 3D

by Game Town Studio

This is a cool simulation game where you must pick up boxes and drop them off at the indicated points without tipping them. It is challenging but still very fun to play while trying to maintain the balance of the cargo. Extreme Forklift Driving 3D offers 15 gameplay missions, real-time physics control, and different camera angles.

Parking Madness

by MobileCraft

Parking Madness has 75 challenging levels and three different vehicles. It has simple, touch operated steering and motion sensors for a somewhat realistic driving experience. The game has 3 themes, car park, go-kart, and forklift. It also has different locations and challenging levels that are guaranteed to keep you glued to your mobile devices.


by iPlay Studio

This game meant to start teaching you how to drive and park a forklift. It has 20 realistic missions to practice your forklift driving skills. The game has a huge 3D environment that you can explore with real life graphics and a great gameplay. The missions in this game has a time limit as well, which adds to the game’s realism.

Forklift Simulator Extreme

by goblinfish

Forklift Simulator Extreme is a cross between a simulation and arcade game. The game has a realistic construction site environment with 30 challenging levels to keep you entertained. It has smooth and simple controls to make the game frustration free so you can have fun and relax on your downtime.

Car Traffic & Forklift Driver

by 3D Games Village

This is a great simulation game for kids where you forklift cars and move them to the assigned drop off places. To play you move cars that are parked at the wrong places; move vehicles to the repair shop, and look for accidents and take them cars to the junkyard. The environment in the game is a suburban city environment where you are driving during rush hour, which greatly adds to the challenge of the game.

Heavy Forklift Simulator 3D

by MobileHero

The last game on our list is a forklift simulation game where you drive a heavy forklift and carry different cargo materials to designated places. The game offers a fun 3D environment with a huge warehouse you can freely explore. Like all of these forklift games, this one can keep you entertained for minutes, or hours when you are bored.

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