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Propane Gas Smell from Forklift

One of the most common forklift complaints from forklift operators is a noticeable propane gas smell from your forklift — this can likely be attributed to the need to replace o-rings. Frequent forklift operators will call service companies complaining that their forklift has a leak. Often, the problem is not with the forklift but rather with the propane tank.

This tutorial will show how to replace two o-rings on the propane tank and eliminate one of the most common complaints from forklift operators and get rid of that pestering gas smell from your forklift.

gas smell from forklift

Remove the existing o-rings

gas smell from forklift

There’s a square style o-ring and a round oring

Here’s a cross section view of how the o-rings are placed in the connector

Replace with new o-rings

For full video: click here

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