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How To Fix Forklift Brakes


Forklift brakes are fairly straight forward to replace, especially for someone with automotive experience.  Forklift brake systems are traditional brake drum/brake shoe set ups, very similar to what an automobile would use in the 1960s and 1970s.  Most forklift manufacturers recommend a complete brake inspection every 2000 operating hours.  Brake system (shoes, drum, etc) are wear items are there’s no typical lifespan.  If you use your brakes a lot, you’ll need to replace brake shoes more frequently.  It probably goes without saying but brakes are only on the front axle on forklifts.  The rear axle does not have brakes.

This tutorial walks you through a typical forklift brake job.  The example forklift was a Toyota 6FGCU18 but the same system will be found on other brands of forklifts as well such as Hyster, Yale, CAT, Mitsubishi and others.  Wet disk brakes are a thing in the forklift industry but somewhat rare.  Clark, Doosan, and CAT used wet disk brakes throughout the years.  If you have a wet disk brake set up, the below tutorial will NOT apply for your forklift.

Block up forklift using a forklift jack

Remove wheel & tire

Remove axle shaft

Remove brake drum

Use aerosol brake cleaner to clean brake components and prepare for removal

Remove springs and hardware

Remove brake shoes

Pull wheel cylinder apart

Remove/re-install wheel cylinder backing plate

Install lever hardware on new brake shoes

Install wheel cylinder pins

Install new brake shoes

Re-install hardware and springs.

Often hardware and springs can be re-used when replacing brake shoes and/or wheel cylinder

Install new oil seal

Remove old gasket material, apply new material

Clean drum, inspect for wear

Remove old seals and tap in new seal

Re-install brake drum

Remove old gasket material, apply new material

Reinstall axle shaft

Tighten bolts

Reinstall tire and wheel

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For full video: click here

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