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How to Replace a Forklift Master Cylinder

How to replace a forklift master cylinder: Forklift brake systems typically use a master cylinder often mounted beneath the operator floor panel. The master cylinder is vital for your equipment’s brakes. The master cylinder works as a hydraulic pump that puts in brake fluid to convert brake pedal pressure into hydraulic pressure.


To start, remove the floor panels, find the master cylinder and go to work. This tutorial will show the replacement of a master cylinder on a Hyster 5000 pound forklift with a corresponding full video.

replace a forklift master cylinder

To start, remove your old master cylinder unit

replace a forklift master cylinder

Remove the old master cylinder unit

Next, remove the lines

replace a forklift master cylinder

Then, install the new master cylinder

Re-install pin and retaining clip

replace a forklift master cylinder

Fill reservoir with brake fluid

Test system and make adjustments

Bleed excess air from system

To watch the full video: click here

Parts used in this tutorial:

master cylinder

brake fluid

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