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Could a simple floor mat receive US Patents for Safety and Ergonomics, while winning the Industrial Design Excellence Award? Barefoot did. But Barefoot is no simple mat.

Barefoot Matting - cushion and support

Proven in university testing, Barefoot ergo mats will easily compare itself against all of THE COMPETITION. Barefoot mat broke the rules by making very expensive tooling.

testing against the competition

Barefoot ergonomic floor mats use quality rubber found in athletic shoes. The material is un-compromised, without cheap fillers that are found in almost every import. And Barefoot mats are made only in the USA!

quality rubber and anchoring

While some say that no mat is perfect "because everyone enjoys a different level of comfort", we say Barefoot ergonomic mat employs multiple levels of performance, specific for who is standing on it. (Unlike others, Barefoot is not a simple piece of foam with a layer of plastic on top of it.)

5 year comparision of barefoot to competition

If Value equals performance + durability / cost, then the most valued ergonomic anti-fatigue floor mat on earth has a name, Barefoot industrial ergonomic mat.

performance and durability equals industrial

Made to order in thousands of configurations are also available. Send us a diagram of your layouts and we can create the optimal set-up for your operation using the patented interlocking mat system.

custom configurations to your needs

Barefoot has been deemed The Gold Standard for the AAFES (Army and Air Force Exchange Service) and dozens of companies like Amazon, Disney World, General Motors, Harley-Davidson, Los Angeles Times, Steelcase, the New York Transit Agency, and many more use Barefoot mats every day. You should too!

cost of barefoot matting versus cost of labor


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