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Denso Spark Plugs

What makes DENSO spark plugs different? Find out here.

Unique U-Groove Ground Electrode

The patented U-Groove spark plug enables complete combustion by allowing the spark to fill the gap created by the U shape creates a larger and hotter flash front that eliminates excessive fouling and erratic starts caused by poor fuel mixtures.

Improved Ignitability

The U-Groove plug employs a unique, channeled ground electrode which generate a larger spark nucleus at the point of ignition. This means improved flame travel and producing more complete, consistent, and efficient combustion.

Better Fuel Efficiency and Improved Throttle Response

The U-Groove ground electrode provides superior stimulation and inhanced combustion, resulting in better fuel efficiency and improved throttle response.

Lasts twice as long as conventional plugs


  • 100 percent pre-fired to ensure reliable operation
  • Copper core center electrode for superior thermal conductivity
  • Unique five-rib insulator reduces flashover and decreases voltage loss
  • Dual copper and glass seal bonds the center electrode and insulator together for a gas-tight seal.
  • Original Equipment in automotive applications
  • 360° Laser Weld
  • Copper-Core Center Electrode
  • U-groove Ground Electrode

Denso Spark Plugs

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