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ZF Parts

Need a ZF part that is not available in North America? We offer quick shipping across the ocean and even have the capability to ship directly from Europe to you. If ZF stocks the part needed in Europe, you can generally have your part in less than 4 business days.

Intella can supply ZF transmission parts for a variety of different brands of equipment such as Hyster, Yale, Taylor, Kalmar, and many more. ZF is global supplier of transmissions and gear boxes for off highway equipment. ZF is a German parts maker getting their start long ago in 1915 where they produced gears for zeppelins. The company's German name 'ZF Friedrichshafen AG' is often abbreviated as ZF making it just a little bit easier to pronounce. ZF specializes in engineering and is well known for their design, R&D. Along with the automotive industry, they are also involved in aviation, rail, marine, and defense industries.

If you have urgent requirements, please contact us before ordering and we'll confirm a lead time for you.

If you need help finding your ZF serial number, click here to learn more.

ZF Parts

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