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ZoneSafe Warning System

Protect pedestrian workers from forklift accidents!

ZoneSafe is a proximity warning and detection system that helps to reduce accidents between personnel and industrial vehicles. There are nearly 19,000 forklift/pedestrian accidents each year in the USA alone.

ZoneSafe is an audible visual proximity warning and detection system that helps to safeguard personnel and assets from vehicle collisions.

ZoneSafe provides an early warning to vehicle and machine operators when a perimeter detection zone, blind spot or danger area has been breached.

ZoneSafe compliments existing safety measures and easily attaches to industrial vehicles, fixed objects and around exclusion zones.

ZoneSafe helps your company to:

  • Improve safety
  • Reduce the risk of:
  • vehicle/pedestrian incidents
  • vehicle/asset collisions

ZoneSafe Warning System

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