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We sell aftermarket parts and we’re proud of it. No doubt you likely have heard arguments from OEM forklift dealers on why aftermarket parts are bad…or why ordering from websites is scary.

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When dealers criticize aftermarket parts, they’re usually doing it just because it’s easy to’s a fear tactic.

Here’s what’s interesting. Often, aftermarket suppliers buy from the same supplier that the OEM does. Need a Timken bearing? We can supply. But then what, you might ask, really is OEM? In this example, if the OEM (such as Hyster) supplies a Timken bearing and Intella supplies a Timken bearing, is Intella selling OEM…or aftermarket?

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers options. Options like remanufactured parts, used parts, or offering the assembly when the kit is backordered. Or the repair kit when the assembly is too costly. Our website has thousands of product recommendations. Most of the times those recommendations are for parts also needed for the same job—or lower priced alternatives.

The other interesting thing is that most forklift dealers work on all brands of equipment, in addition to the brand that they represent. And when those very same dealers that criticize aftermarket parts work on competing brands, guess what kind of parts they use? Yep, aftermarket parts.

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