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Every commercial kitchen has a unique layout, so customizing the placement of anti-fatigue surfaces is important. With an X Connector for modular matting, you can combine anti-fatigue mats in the best configuration for your operations.

X-shaped mat connectors have four cylindrical posts that slide snugly into Kushion Safe Deluxe mat holes. Join any number of kitchen mats quickly and easily.

The configuration possibilities for commercial kitchen mats are endless:

  • Straight line of anti-fatigue matting
  • Kitchen matting on all sides of prep tables
  • Full floor covering for commercial kitchens
  • Custom anti-fatigue walkway between workstations

The open design of Kushion Safe Deluxe mats allows you to expand floor matting forward, back, left or right.

We generally recommend using two mat connectors for each interlocking side. To join multiple floor mats, you would need the following number of X connectors:

  • Line of two mats: Two connectors
  • Line of three mats: Four connectors
  • Line of four mats: Six connectors
  • Square with four mats: Eight connectors

Mat connectors are made to last. That said, if you frequently change your matting configuration, parts can get lost. Having spare connectors is a good idea

Why use a mat connector instead of simply placing floor mats near each other? X connectors provide important advantages, such as:

  • Safety: Any gaps between floor mats can create a tripping hazard. With connectors, your matting stays carefully aligned.
  • Stability: Kushion Safe Deluxe mats are designed to stay put, but connecting multiple mats adds extra weight for maximum stability
  • Freedom: Mat connectors let you create the ideal layout for your company’s needs and update it easily at any time.

Any business that uses open-style floor matting can benefit from X connectors. Extended layouts are common with manufacturing businesses, food service industries, R&D labs, restaurants, bakeries, bars and coffee shops.

At Intella, our commitment to the three pillars of quality, safety, and customer support makes us the go-to vendor for your X-connectors. Browse our online catalog with over 6 million products, or get in contact with a customer support representative today by calling 616-796-6638.