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Barrett Parts

Whether you are the owner of a small contracting business or you oversee a large department, you are likely familiar with the various makes and models of the equipment and vehicles that you and your team work with every day. When this equipment breaks down or needs a part replacement, it can cause stress for you and those you work with. Intella Parts carries aftermarket Barrett forklift parts that can be quickly and safely shipped to you.

It's normal for any vehicle to need a replacement part after years of daily use. As with cars, forklifts and their parts can be quite expensive. If you are disgruntled by the high price point of name-brand forklift parts, you may be pleased to know that we carry several aftermarket wheels, seats, engines, and more that are compatible with your Barrett forklift. Consider the following parts that you may need for your vehicle:

  • Wheels: Forklift wheels work non-stop as you lift and place objects in a warehouse, an open field, or a construction site.
  • Nuts, bolts, and washers: You may not think about these tiny parts, but they are just as important as the larger ones — and they will cost you time and money if they are not working correctly.
  • Interior gear: We carry aftermarket Barrett parts such as switch ignition systems, lever-control power and brake parts, and more to ensure that your time at work is both functional and safe.

Barrett Parts

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