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Starters and Alternators - HYSTER

A forklift's electrical system is vital to get it up and running and to keep it in that condition. At Intella Parts, we know that when a starter or alternator fails, it can quickly derail your operations. That's why we offer same-day order processing on most in-stock items, including an aftermarket Hyster forklift alternator or starter.

Starters are necessary to get your forklift started. They convert power from the battery into an energy source the engine can use. Unfortunately, when one fails, it can leave you without an essential piece of equipment.

Intella Parts carries starters to fit most Hyster brand forklifts. You can see our entire selection in our online catalog, or click below for some of our most popular models of replacement Hyster forklift starters.

  • The aftermarket replacement starter for Hyster part number 1640531 fits a wide range of forklift models.
  • If you need a heavy-duty starter, the nine-tooth 1.2 KW replacements for Hyster part numbers 3049010 and 3001004 fit the brand's H20 engine.

The alternator on a forklift works to keep the battery charged so it can operate for long hours. If yours fails, you'll need a replacement fast.

When you need high-quality parts without top-tier pricing, visit Intella Parts online catalog. We have more than 6 million equipment components cross-referenced by brand, type, and part number. Check out our online parts manual for Hyster forklifts.

Our entire company is committed to the three pillars of quality, safety, and customer service, making us the go-to vendor for every forklift replacement part. Browse our online inventory with over 6 million part entries, or contact our dedicated support team by calling 616-796-6638 today.

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Starters and Alternators - HYSTER

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