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Cooling Parts

Maintain your operation's productivity by maintaining your forklift's engine with high-quality aftermarket cooling parts from Intella. Increased heat in a forklift engine increases the likelihood of part failures and repair costs. Your regular maintenance inspections should catch any problems or abnormal wear on the system, so you know when to replace cooling system parts before your productivity and your bottom line are affected. Intella Parts has the forklift cooling parts you need when you need them, warrantied water pumps to remanufactured and hard-to-find radiators.

These cooling system parts are either working or not; there's no gradual decline. Water pumps have a limited lifespan as the heart of the cooling system. While some fail at just 40,000 miles, almost all water pumps will fail by 100,000 miles. Our aftermarket water pumps:

  • Are guaranteed to fit your forklift
  • Come with a six-month warranty
  • Include installation instructions and a gasket

Forklift radiator hoses are critical engine cooling parts that carry coolant fluid back and forth between the radiator and the engine. Their rubber-material compositions mean they can handle the high temperatures and pressures from the moving fluid. We have both types of forklift radiator coolant hoses at Intella:

  • Upper radiator hoses, or inlet radiator hoses, take hot coolant from the engine back through the thermostat.
  • Lower radiator hoses, or "outlet radiator hoses", link the radiator tank to the water pump so that low-temperature coolant can pump toward the engine body.

Our entire company is committed to the three pillars of quality, safety, and customer service, making us the go-to vendor for every forklift replacement part. Browse our online inventory with over 6 million part entries, or contact our dedicated support team by calling 616-796-6638 today.

Cooling Parts

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