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Starters and Alternators

When you need forklift starters or forklift alternators, Intella Parts is here to help. We carry a complete line of replacement parts for most major equipment brands, so give our customer service reps a call to find the parts you need.

Our online catalog makes it simple to order your new forklift alternator or starter by typing the part number, by browsing, or with advanced search options to find your exact model. This will give you replacement options that match manufacturer specifications. Here are some ways to find the information you need to place an order:

  • Look in the operator's manual for part numbers and specifications
  • Locate and use the part number on your current component
  • Check the number of teeth on the starter
  • Many starters have numbers stamped on them, try entering those numbers in our search bar
  • Verify connectors and amperage on alternators to ensure compatibility

Although they serve very different purposes, both the starter and alternator are critical components of a forklift's electrical system. A forklift alternator powers the equipment accessories and is an integral part of the electrical charging system. A starter motor provides the power needed to turn the engine over. There are different types of starters, and each one operates in a slightly different way. These include offset gear reduction, permanent magnet - direct drive or gear reduction, and direct drive. Starters designed for automobiles will fit but won’t last in forklifts. Reason? Forklift engines are turned off/on many times per day, sometimes nearly 100 times per day. Automobile starters are typically only used a few times per day. Make sure you order a starter designed for a forklift.

Make Intella Parts your go-to source for reliable replacement parts for your forklift's electrical system at competitive prices. Submit our online contact form or give us a call at 616-796-6638 to find the starter or alternator you need to get your forklift up and running today.

Starters and Alternators

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