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ZF off-highway transmission parts

About ZF Transmissions

ZF transmissions can be found in a variety of brands of equipment including Hyster, Kalmar, JLG, SkyTrak, Gehl, Hyundai, and many others. Need ZF parts? You’ve come to the right place. ZF transmissions are made in Germany and since we’re part of a European company, we can get your ZF parts quick. We offer 2 and 3 day transit time on ZF parts direct from Europe at super competitive prices.

It can be confusing when you hear the ZF name for the first time. In the United States, we pronounce Z like “zee” so most Americans would say ZF like “Zee Eff”. In Canada and the UK, it’s pronounced “Zed eff”. We’ve even seen ZF spelled differently too! We’ve received emails where customers ask for “Zeteff” parts, Zed-f transmission parts, Zedeff transmissions, and even others.

Where do I find ZF serial number tag?

ZF serial number tags are on the side of the ZF transmission.  They’re typically fairly easy to find.  The older your equipment is, the more likely the tag may be damaged.  ZF refers to this tag as the “model identification plate”.  It contains all the information required to order spare parts for the ZF transmission.

ZF data tag ZF serial number plate

What do ZF parts manuals look like?

ZF data tag ZF serial number plate
Typical ZF parts manual page

What ZF transmissions are used in forklifts and aerial lifts?

JLG/Skytrak have used the 4 WG 98 model from ZF

Hyster/Yale have used a variety of different ZF models.  Hyster/Yale formerly used Dana/Clark transmissions but switched to ZF in recent years.  Models include 3 WG 201 as well as WG 211, WG161, and others.

Hyundai Forklifts have used 3 WG 94 ZF models and others.

Need more help?  Need to order parts? 

Intella Liftparts can help.  With the help of our parent company located in The Netherlands, we have fast shipping of off-highway ZF transmission parts direct from Europe.  Often we can offer quicker turnaround time than other suppliers in the United States!  Search for ZF off-highway parts here

Graziano gearbox

ZF off Highway Transmission

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